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Background information about Dreamville musicians

By - I am Music Criticism

Hello! I hope you’re well<img class=”an1 CToWUd” src=”” alt=”?” data-emoji=”?” aria-label=”?” />. In this podcast, I will talk about background Information about Dreamville musicians. I read the information from my wattpad book, “Dreamville music label.” The book is available on the following applications / websites, Wattpad, Anystories, and Belletristica. Keep in mind that the information is found on Wikipedia. Therefore, you can find the rest of the information on Wikipedia. Thank you for listening to my podcast. Music played in this podcast include, “Got Me” by Dreamville, “48 Laws” by Omen featuring Donnie Trumpet, “Methylone” by Bas, “Knock Tha Hustle (Remix) by Cozz Featuring J. Cole, “Morning Shift” by Lute, “Slick Talk” by J.I.D, “Swivel” by EarthGang, “BMO” by Ari Lennox and “Fire Squad” by J. Cole.


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