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Ep 12: The Power of Mentors, Meditation and Spirituality with Richard Matthew of Talentschmiede 53

By - This Village Girl

I already lost count of how many times I have mentioned my cousin, my spiritual mentor, in some of my blog posts every time I’d mention the power of mentors and idols and looking for people to surround yourself with. During the time when I was so lost, just quit my job and everything in my life that I thought I wanted, he was the only one (of course his sister who also went through series of transformations and self-reinventions) who was able to direct me to consult my heart and to listen to it fully for whatever it’s trying to tell me.

He was the one who told me that I can actually use my writing to find myself and fall back on track.

Now that I have branched out and launched a podcast, I will not pass up the chance to have him on the show for him to tell his story and how come he seemed to know so much about suffering, pain and wisdom. I will not pass up the chance for him to be the first one I’d interview.

Visit his website and you can find him on Instagram @richardmatthewerilla. Also check the organization he put up @talentschmiede_53.


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